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We hope to bring you more than just the best noodle. Come and watch a spectacle of the traditional noodle-making, for free!

Hand-made noodles ( la mian or ramen )

This type of noodles originates from the northwestern part of China and has become a popular dish around the world. The dough used to make these noodles is pulled and stretched into hundreds of strands to create noodles of different thickness. After stretching, the noodles must be cooked immediately in boiling water to yield a ‘ bite-back ‘ texture when consumed.

Hand-shaved noodles

This kind of noodles originates from the Shanxi province. A special tool is used to shave the dough and to create flat strips of noodles. Hence the texture of the hand-shaved noodles is a bit thicker and chewy compared to la mian.